Tips for cooking meat and poultry

Meat and poultry dishes are rich in protein, carbohydrates and B vitamins, whichstrengthen the blood vessels, improve metabolism, increase hemoglobin in the blood. In addition, meat and chicken are tasty in any form, even in fried, even in boiled or baked. But that the meat is well fried and left at the same time juicy and soft, so that it is always evenly covered with a golden crust, you need to know a few tips on how to prepare them . I want to draw attention to the fact that there are many things to motivate your wife to cook delicious food. This of course gifts, and even better, if it's gifts from soft toys. Here's an excellent store: where you can buy soft toys at a reasonable price, and make a really good present for your beloved wife ... Meat dishes and poultry dishes are not only very tasty, but also useful. After all, they contain proteins and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins of group B, which are necessary for immunity, proper brain function ( B12 is especially useful ), blood vessels. To dishes from meat and poultry gladden the eye not only with a uniform golden crust, but also on taste were juicy and tender, you need to know some useful tips and use them correctly.

Cooking tips big

Steps for cookign Meat

  1. Soften the hard meat of papaya juice. It contains a protease enzyme, which when interacting with meat makes it softer and more tender.
  2. If you decide to cook the baked beef, then in order to soften the meat, you will need pork lard and onion rings. Add the meat with lard and onion rings, and water the meat with the resulting juice more often during cooking.
  3. To defrost poultry meat, you need to put it in a basin or pan and leave to thaw at room temperature. Do not defrost the meat in a warm place, since dangerous microorganisms will develop. Thaw the meat very slowly. So less juice is lost and protein is better preserved.
  4. Do not thaw the meat, filling it with water. Such meat loses its useful properties, vitamins and taste.
  5. To prevent moisture from evaporating from the meat, it is necessary to cover a basin or a pan where it is defrosted with a lid, or wrap the meat in a plastic bag.
  6. Meat intended for boiling is not necessary to defrost .
  7. To learn the quality of meat you need to press the flesh with your finger. If the fossa formed quickly disappeared, the meat is fresh.
  8. If the meat you bought was not very young, grate it a few hours before cooking with dry mustard, and before cooking, rinse the meat in  cold water. So the meat will become much softer.
  9. To make beef faster cooked, beat it with a hammer for chops, and also add to the water, where it will be cooked, 2-3 tablespoons. vinegar.
  10. Meat intended for frying can not be salted beforehand, salt it immediately before putting it in a frying pan, as it can become stiff.

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